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Lør 3 jan 2015 - 4:09 by Elena
Hey folkens! Der kommer lige til at stå nogle små huskeregler for siden herinde ;-)

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 Bethany Allagra Dragomir "Echo"

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Antal indlæg : 3
Job/hobbies : She's a part of this secret organization [She has no memory of ever joining in, though it was by force]
Humor : She's as innocent as a child, but has the instinct of a lioness

IndlægEmne: Bethany Allagra Dragomir "Echo"   Ons 21 jan 2015 - 1:06

The basic facts

Full name Bethany Allagra Dragomir

Known as To everyone around her, she's mostly known under the name Echo. It appears that she does not have any nicknames

Age 20-21

Race Shadowhunter [This is unknown, caused by her lost memories]

Sexual orientation She actually doesn't know, so at the moment she's just into everything...male and female

Status Single at the moment

Gender 100% female

Born Even though she actually doesn't remember this, she is born in Idris

Lives She lives in Brooklyn, New York

The physicality facts

Eyes She has very strong and dark brown eyes. They are surrounded by a thick layer of eyelashes. Most of the time her eyes shows nothing but kindness, though they can appear in the sight of anger.

Height 1,75

Weight 51

Looks She is quite the beauty, which is probably the reason they took her [and then because she pissed off their boss]. She appears tall, and of an athletic build figure. She's not skinny, but she's not fat, you would call her normal...but do have a body of someone who runs and participates in sport.

Common clothing She's seen wearing almost anything, so she actually doesn't really have a specific style.  

The personal facts

Personality Her personality is quite complex, with memory loss...she doesn't really have a "true" personality. I guess people just have to meet her in order to get to know her

- Shadowhunters strenght, speed and so on
- Strong person
- Kind personality

- Memory loss
- Innocence
- She pushes people away
- Can be extremely aggressive towards others [Mostly when she's scared or just in general]

What she likes
- A good book
- Running
- Quiet surroundings
- Not to many people

What she doesn't like
- Her lost memories
- The feeling of knowing something and then not remember it
- Most people she appears not to just people in general

The other facts


- January 20th 1994 - Bethany is born [in Idris]
- May 2nd 2000 - Moves from Idris to Brooklyn
- September 11th 2005 - Parent's get's murdered
- October 25th 2007 - She's starts getting into some shit, starts pissing of the wrong people [though it's shown that she doesn't get caught]
- March 1st 2012 - She get's caught and brought into some kind of prison [This is by the boss, whom she pissed of a couple of years ago]
- April 4th 2012 - She gets her memory taken away and they tells her that her name is Echo [She starts working for them]
January 21st 2015 - She is still working for the secret organisation, and they still take away her memory when they feel like she knows to much [She their own personal killer/whatever they feel like she be]
Father's name Alexander Dragomir

Mother's name Nora Dragomir [Born Henderson]

Father's job Dead

Mother's job Dead

Siblings She doesn't have any siblings, even if she had siblings...she wouldn't remember

Best friend (boy) Nope

Best friend (girl) Nope
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Antal indlæg : 351
Geografisk sted : New York, Brooklyn xD
Job/hobbies : Er Skyggejæger, og det er vist et fuldtidsjob.. ^^'
Humor : What would my life be without you?

IndlægEmne: Re: Bethany Allagra Dragomir "Echo"   Ons 21 jan 2015 - 14:52

Det er godkendt :-)


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Bethany Allagra Dragomir "Echo"
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